Time to be thankful

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'Tis the season to be thankful!  What a great reason to celebrate and remember the many great things in our lives.  In the spirit of thankfulness, here are some the products I'm most thankful for that have been introduced to me over the past 2 years.

1. Spices - Man do I love spices, and good ones!  We transitioned this  year from individual spices towards spice blends and WOW!  Primal Palate and Steel City Salt both make amazing products and I use them almost every time I cook.  So thankful for them!
2. Mustard - This might just be a phase but I'm loving mustard right now and am amazed how many great ones there are.  Miller's Mustard, the first that blew my mind, incorporates banana peppers so it's a little sweeter and great to dip into.  But we also found a new company, Jarred, who makes a variety of mustards which are so smooth and delicious.  My Thanksgiving resolution is to use more mustard in what I make in the kitchen!
3. Local eggs - If you've never had a local egg before, you just don't
 know what you're missing.  They are fresh, flavorful, and makes all your pancakes taste better.  We have a problem keeping them in stock because people love them so much.
4. Real people making real food - It's really been amazing to work with and try to support local people who are living their passion.  No one is making millions on growing onions or raising chickens but they give us healthy food and are generally really interesting people. 
I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving! Take some time to remember the people who make life special and enjoy some of your favorite foods.

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