Tiny thoughts for Mother's Day

Posted by Robin Abel on

Mother's Day is not my favorite holiday.  Those unrealistic cards of great emoting about how amazing and loving and perfect your mother is every second of the day drive me nuts.  Pretty sure I was taken off the BFF list when I took my son's iPod away the other day.  After we got married and dealt with infertility, Mother's Day took on a whole new level of pain.  I think of all those people who have recently lost their mom or so many other life situations, it really becomes one of the most painful days for some and I'd love to just take it off the calendar.

Through this dislike, I've come to appreciate people putting thought into the holiday to really celebrate someone they love rather than just phoning it in. My husband was listening to the radio one year and heard of a unique way for our kids to celebrate the day.  He bought a pitcher and had the kids draw memories of the year.  They put them in the vase and that was my gift.  So simple, didn't cost much, and I love it so much.  For many years, he gathered the kids at the table and they drew or wrote or make a few pictures that capture that year.  It's the best present ever all because my husband took a few minutes to think about what would be special to me.

What about the "mothers" in your life?  If your mom loves flowers, go ahead and get her that traditional bunch that she can enjoy.  Does she like coffee, how about a bag of that fancy stuff  she can enjoy for weeks.  How about grandma or a women who is like a mother to you or to your kids?  This is a great day to bring joy and love to a variety of people if you think beyond just what the commercials tell you.
How about, this year, think of 1 person you could celebrate and put 5 minutes into remembering who they are, why they are special and a personal way to care for them?  Just a few thoughts, nothing big, nothing fancy, just tiny.  Because sometimes it's the simple things that make all the difference, especially to a mom.

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