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How do you celebrate Halloween?  Is it your favorite holiday or your worst?  Do your kids love it or are they on the phasing out age?  Did you learning anything this year from the holiday? ;) 


Our kids still, for the most part, have fun picking costumes and going out for Trick or Treat.  The week before the holiday is filled with costume changes, questions on where we go candy hunting, who is going with whom...  This year, I walked around with just one of my kids which was a first since usually we have at least 2 with us and sometimes a dog.  My favorite part of Trick or Treating is looking at the houses.  (Yes, I have issues)  I love it when we walk in older communities rather than plans because the houses are all so different.  There are some that are 100 years old.  Some were built in the 70's.  Some are large and some are small.  But they are all so different and I love it!


Because I only had one child with me, I really got to look at the houses and enjoy their uniqueness.  While in this mindset, I got to thinking about Halloween. So many costumes, so many groups, so many people handing out candy.  But all SO different.  Halloween seems to be one of the few times of the year that everyone can celebrate their differences.  Some people hand out candy by themselves.  Some gather with neighbors to make a party.  Some are all decked out with inflatables and creepy sounds.  Some simply turn their lights out and don't participate at all.  But it's all okay.  The holiday is about having fun and somehow its okay that we all do it differently.


On Tuesday we will vote for people to represent us in our government.  As with any election season, we hear all about "those people" who are ruining our country and how "those people" want to mess with your rights and your lives and your everything.  Why do we need to blame an entire group of people?  Why can't we stop and remember that we are all individuals hopefully fighting for the good of all other individuals.


Last week in Pittsburgh, a horrible shooting took place because someone hated "those people."  


Why do we group people together?  Why is it okay to blame and hate and collectively?  When did we forget that everyone is a person with issues and ideas and feelings and opinions and life experience that is valuable?


Halloween isn't my favorite holiday.  I don't get super excited about buying my kids costumes and walking in rain when I could be home on the couch.  I could lump all the annoying parts together and call it bad. But I am always hit with the beauty of it, the creativity that comes from the evening, and joy in being special.  


Remember that everyone is a person.  Everyone is special.  And being wrapped up in the negative is never as heart healthy as experiencing joy, and peace and love.

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