Waiting is so hard!

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Waiting for anything is the worst!  Nobody likes it and as a society, we work hard to get rid of it.  Don't want to wait for dinner?  Fast food.  Want that new book now!?  Amazon Prime.  Hate waiting in the lines at Disney?  Fast pass.  The list goes on.  


I'm not sure why we hate waiting so much.  I mean, I get it but in reality, you have to wait for almost everything.  Think about how excited you were when you earned a drivers license!  Have you gotten married and waited a crazy amount of time for that event?  What about waiting for a bus to arrive, spring to come after a long winter, the Browns to win a football game (oh wait!  That actually happened!).  Our lives are filled with waiting yet we can't stand it!


I heard a sermon lately that made my head spin and see waiting as not the worst thing that could happen.  Justin Dosch of Grace Community Church spoke about Noah and how long he waited while building that ark.  Can you imagine being asked to build something with no timeline of when it was going to be done, no video showing what a flood looks like, and no exit strategy for being stuck in a boat with a gazillion animals?  That would have been one of the worst waiting ever! (and most smelly)


But Justin shared that often it's in the waiting that we learn something different.  Sometimes we have an experience that we would have missed.  Sometimes we understand a lesson because of the waiting.  Sometimes the win is just better when we've had to wait for it.


One morning last week, my son left for the bus and I can just barely see him at the end of the road from our front porch.  He was up there about 10 minutes early so at some point I walked out and waved at him.  He waved back.  Then started doing dancy wavey moves.  I repeated them.  He changed the moves, I changed mine, and we spent about 5 minutes just playing with each other from down the street. Then the bus came, he waved a goodbye and got on the bus.  Pretty sure that will go down as one of my fondest moments with him.  If he hadn't been waiting for the bus, if I hadn't decided to walk outside and wait with him, if he wasn't just the cutest, silliest thing, we would not have had that experience.  We shared a moment during the wait.


I'm waiting for this small business to catch on.  I've started a bunch of new things like holding sampling pop ups, working with other local in unique ways, and getting better at running a business.  It's the full on hustle season!  I was feeling so good and then looked at the checking account the other day.  It crushed me so hard and I just broke down in tears later that night.  How can I be working with hard with nothing to show?  Isn't anything working?  How long will I have to wait before this takes off?!  


But maybe I'm learning lessons about people, about small business, about life that I would never learned without the wait.  Perhaps the wait isn't a sign of failure.  Perhaps in our super fast life things really do take longer than we want them to.  Perhaps it's not the destination that's important but the journey.


What are you waiting for?  Is it hard?  Do you know when it will end?  Yes, it is hard.  No, you don't want to wait anymore.  Stop and take a moment to focus on the moment.  On the joy.  On the piece of the journey that might make it all worth while.  Take a moment to enjoy the wait.

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