We're Testing Cookies!

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I want to make sure everything in Penn Pantry is worth spending money on and that anyone working in the store can give you friendly product tips.  Because of this, my family and friends have taken on the hard task of testing everything!  Every pancake mix (my son could live on waffles), every bag of pretzels, every snack mix, every pasta sauce... everything!  (I take my job very seriously.) 

A friend of mine is a baker and I asked if she could create cookie mixes for the store.  So she dropped them off the other day and we talked about packaging and other fun stuff.  With no real schedule to live by, I decided to make a batch RIGHT THEN and take some to where I used to work for them to taste test. 

Now I actually COOK and bake.  I mean I've never made cookies from a mix before, always scratch.  We had so many tomatoes last year that I made my own ketchup.  The kids didn't know what Kraft mac and cheese was until they had it friends houses because it takes me 2 hours to make a batch.  (That sounds really good... I know what we're having for lunch today.)  So to make the cookies, I start to get out my big stand mixer but stopped.   


Not everyone has one of these.  People who want a cookie mix might be camping and not have one available.  They might not really be much of a baker and only have a bowl and a spoon.  I decided to get out my bowl and spoon and see how the mix worked without the fancy toys.  Well, my butter wasn't quite soft enough (it sat out for an hour, leave yours out for 2 and it should be good).  I tried really hard to cream that butter but it won and my arm got tired.  Then I got out my hand mixer and that worked great. 

The mix worked really well.  It was super easy to open the bags and dump the stuff in.  I think it would be a great way to cook with kids.  Each of them gets a bag to dump but you don't have to do the measuring thing (which is sometimes painful, especially when you have multiple kids helping).  But how would they taste?  I didn't see anything magical in the mix that I wouldn't have come up with from my own pantry...

WOW!  This were amazing.  There was magic in those little bags.  I'm not a huge Snickerdoodle lover but these just couldn't cool fast enough to try.  They looked beautiful on the pan and proved to be so tasty in the mouth!  Very light, great texture, and a wonderful flavor.  I made bigger sizes to start with (the balls were about the size of a walnut) and then wanted to see how different sizes would work.  Could I make smaller cookies to give out as samples or would they burn since they were smaller?  Nope, they were perfect too.  Any size I made, they turned out great. 

I took 2 dozen down to my office... 4 were left after about 6 minutes.  They loved them!  Could not believe they came from a mix.  On my way home I stopped at the printer.  They loved them!  2 left.  I drove to a garage sale.  (One didn't make it all the way over.)  1 cookie left.  The two ladies at the garage sale split it in half and loved it.  It was a wild success.  I truly was amazed.  Thanks to A Slice of Sugar Bakery!  Those Snickerdoodles will have a place on our shelf... and in our bellies.

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