What's in that soap?

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My sister, who is a cancer researcher, was conducting an experiment that required aloe.  Someone from her team went to the store and picked up a bottle of that green stuff.  After a few tries, they weren’t getting the results they anticipated.  They finally tested the aloe and discovered that it was less than 10 % aloe! Really!?

So much of what we use isn’t real or natural or high quality.  But you can find quality products if you know where to look (part of why we opened a local product store).

Soap.  Do you think about the soap you use and what it’s actually make of?  Lori Chandler does.  Lori is a professional soap maker and the passion behind Ashgrove Soaps.  What goes into their soap?  High quality oils, locally sourced goats milk, natural herbs and botanical infusions

In 2009, Lori and her family traveled to historic Williamsburg and were inspired by their rustic, handmade, authentic soap.  Her daughter was studying chemistry and Lori had always wanted to learn soap making so a new adventure began.  Ashgrove Soaps was born as a small batch, home based natural soap business.  Lori worked to obtain professional credentials, began teaching classes, and is now leading international soap makers at national conferences.  More information on Lori and her impressive professional credentials are available on their website

What does all this mean to you?  You can find great soap with natural ingredients here at Penn Pantry.  I hear over and over again how much people love this product.  Some people have taken classes from Lori and rave about her teaching and mentoring.  Some people picked up soap at a local festival and are so happy to have to place to purchase it year round.  Others are just happy to find a natural, high quality, real soap.

What do I love about it?  It makes your bathroom smell so nice!  When people walk into the store, they often say how nice it smells.  I tell them “It’s the soap.”  But we have an 800 square foot store for that smell to roam around.  You put it in your bathroom and that scent fills the air in such a nice way.

What else does Lori’s story mean to you?  Try something new, take a class, keep learning.  Lori didn’t set out to be a leading soapmaker but her interest and passion grew into something amazing.  What have you always wanted to do or learn or experience?  Make a step to do that today.  Your life will be richer because of the adventure.

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