Whole milk is revolutionizing my kitchen

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Lots of people love the creaminess of whole milk.  Doctors advise us to have toddler drink it because of the health benefits.  In my kitchen, whole milk is changing the way I cook and transforming how things taste.
The first time whole milk blew my mind was with pancakes.  My son loves pancakes, could eat them every day, and we make a lot of them from scratch or from a mix.  We were sampling a pancake mix from the store one day and I used the whole milk.  Whoa!  Life changing.
The other day, I decided to make rice pudding.  Now, not everyone
 likes this but I thought I'd see if the kids would like it.  Wow!  I don't care who liked it because I could eat it all myself!  
The amazing thing is that it's so easy to make food great when you start with good ingredients.  There is nothing amazing about this rice pudding recipe, but there was something amazing about what went in it.  Whole milk can be used for so many things that I'm literally going through cookbooks to see what else can be revolutionized!
After the rice pudding adventure (which was a bit hairy when the milk boiled over and then cooked on the stove), my husband suggested I make ice cream with the milk.  Why didn't I think of that?  I used to make ice cream but had a hard time finding a recipe I liked.  The recipes where you cook the ingredients, I'm not a fan of.  The ones you just
stick in the ice cream maker don't always turn out so well.  I was so excited, I was up making ice cream at 7 am!  It was much easier than I remember and it turned out pretty good.  
No matter what you make in your kitchen, start with good ingredients.  It will really surprise you how much better your food tastes, especially compared to something that comes processed out of a box.

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