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Small towns across this great country are all in motion whether they realize it or not.  They have to decide if they want to move forward, how exactly to move forward, and whether forward is good or staying put (ultimately moving backwards) is their desired direction.  It is a hard dynamic to balance, difficult to discern which way is best, and what will ultimately be the outcome.  


In the few months we've been part of the Zelienople business community, I've seen leadership from many areas continue to push people to move forward.  Our streets have been torn up so lines can be run underground rather than on poles.  Our sidewalks have caution markers while businesses invest in new facades.  All of this gives people something to complain about.  But if you step back and look at the big picture, it continues to move this town forward in a special way.


This small town continues to hold to it traditions that make it so iconic.  Horse Trading Days, a summer festival that I can only assume began with the trading of horses, is a great event where people enjoy having "small town fun."  It runs for days and still has a horse parade!  Who does that?!  But Zelie also works to reinvent itself by adding new events, improving on old ones, and striving to keep that small town feeling people love.


I just wanted to say thank you.  Doing things differently is hard.  People don't agree on how, if at all, it should be done.  But it is necessary.  We must always continue to get better, to do things better, and improve our lives and our communities.  Thank you Zelienople and it's leaders.  It is a joy to be part of this community.

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