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Thanksgiving is only a few days away, which is pretty exciting in our house.  My kids love making pies, eating all that great food, and having a few days off school.  For the past few years, we've gone to my parents house for the holiday but this year we are on our own, giving me a small panic attack about having to make all that food, but also gives me time to think about how to make special memories.

One thing I want to accomplish this year is a beautiful table to make this meal standout.  Flipping through professional photos can be a little... maybe a lot... intimidating with their 3' centerpieces and plate layering skills.  How do you create a beautiful table that doesn't cost a ton, is functional, and unique to your season of life?  Here are a few ideas with links to articles and pictures.

1. Be creative but start where you love- Do you like centerpieces, love fresh flowers, have kids, live in a forest?  If you think a centerpiece makes the table, find one you love then add in pieces around that.  Pick your favorite color from that centerpiece and have napkins that match, or look for vintage glasses that go with it.  Do you have young children who need something to do?  Have them make hand turkeys for table settings.  Do you life where you can bring the outside in?  Go grab pine cones and place them with pumpkins, make a natural runner with leaves, or pick a flower to sit across the top of everyones place.  

2. Invest in something special - Have you been looking at cute pumpkin plates?  Are you thinking about using cloth napkins instead of paper?  (There's a link to why you should!) Now is a great time to pick up a few of those times.  You may not want to do it for any old dinner but the holidays is a nice time to make the table special with something you will enjoy.  Your Thanksgiving table will change from regular dinner with paper napkins to a beautiful evening with cloth napkins with silver holders.  

3. Listen to the experts - When you watch HGTV, design experts talk about mixing textures, using a variety of heights to create interest, and creating unity through a single accent color used throughout.  Experiment with these professional concepts and have fun.  Work your favorite color red into the table with table runners and fresh flowers.  Place a variety of candle holders down the middle of the table with a unifying candle color.  

However you express yourself this holiday season, remember to be true to yourself.  Don't just look at the beautiful pictures and feel that you could never pull it off.  Find what you love, be creative, and have fun sharing yourself with whomever you gather with this season.

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