You're adding coffee to what now?

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My husband’s birthday is today. Happy 29th again. I got up this morning, sent the children out the door (hopefully they found the bus), and set out to make a cake. It was a quest since you can't create just any old cake ... it's a birthday! I googled chocolate bundt cake and found one on King Arthur's Flour website, which I'm just totally falling in love with their recipes. It called for a cup of coffee which I didn’t question because I have a great Texas Sheet Cake recipe that has coffee so I just whipped it all together and it looks great.

I got to wondering why coffee gets added to chocolate recipes?  Turns out, coffee enhances the flavor of the chocolate in general.  They both start out in the bitter camp and when combined correctly, the coffee brings out the flavor of chocolate.  They don’t combine to make a mocha but the chocolate flavor is deepened and creates a great cake.  Here’s the link to the one I made this morning! Chocolate Bundt cake recipe!

What else can you add coffee to and make it better?  Because of it’s earthly, somewhat bitter flavor, coffee has similar effects when added to meat.  Add it to a barbeque sauce or use it as a rub.  Here’s a great article from Epicurious that will certainly make your mouth ready for more java later in the day.

So there you go.  The same stuff that fuels your morning and turns your afternoon frown upsidedown can also make dinner and dessert into a masterpiece!  Happy cooking with coffee!

And here's the bundt cake after birthday dessert.  It was declared one of the best ever!


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