Evelyn's Spice Mixes

Evelyn's Spice Mixes

  • $3.99

Essential Spice Mix

Just as the name implies, this is the essential spice mix for all your cooking needs. It has the perfect blend of spices that will please anybody. Try it on pork and chicken. You won’t be disappointed.

Harvest Honey Glaze Mix

Ready in minutes, this mix goes well with carrots, sweet potatoes and ham. The subtle flavor of the orange peel balances the sweetness of the honey. Delicious!

New York Hot Dog Mix

A true American classic. Just add ground meat to our secret spice mix for a sauce that will stay on the dog and in your heart. Great with burgers too!

Athenian Spice Mix

This spice mix will make you feel as if you traveled to the Greek Islands without leaving your kitchen. This blend of oregano, lemon and garlic will transport you there with this fabulous marinade. OPA!